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Kaileah Nelson(K.N.Arts) is currently working on a action-pack, fantasy awing, sci-fi traveling, touch-of-comedy comic on WEBTOONS called CrossBridge Keepers. Check it out!

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CrossBridge Keepers- webtoons comic

Posted by KaileahPNelson - September 30th, 2020

I'm working on a new on-going comic for those interested in action-packed, fantasy, sci-fi theme comics with a touch of comedy. Its on Webtoons and its called CrossBridge Keepers by K.N.Arts.

Story description:

Sonny and Knarts never imagined they fall through a portal leading to another world...or rather being kidnapped and dropped off on a alien, not-to-mention dangerous planet and are told they are the ones who must save it before the evil warlord Tyrin the Tyrant conquers all in his quest for power, free those who have been enslaved, survive grueling homework and learn about what makes Ikapoos truly fearsome. Not necessarily in that order but piece of cake, right?

I update when I am able because i'm dealing with multiple jobs, art commissions and my OC Fanart Challenge currently but i encourage you to read it because its going to be one heck of a ride. One that you don't want to miss.

Read it here: https://www.webtoons.com/en/challenge/crossbridge-keepers/list?title_no=492660




Cool to see you'e still staying creative; putting out new work! No Inktober this year though? No time? Read though the first few bits of the comic, good momentum in the drawings, easy reading, keeps you lured in too, but after a while it starts feeling a bit strange how the speech bubbles are always outside of the drawings; never within them...

I guess maybe you draw first and add those later? Or is it an intentional part of the style? Felt refreshing and new at first, but I think after a while you start wanting to both see the imagery and the bubbles at the same time, as it is it's like you lose the visual connection with the narrative a bit.

Otherwise solid work so far! Productive as ever too!

actually yes, I did do inktober though it wasn't the normal inktober that I normally do. I did webtoon's challenge from inktober and I just haven't gotten around to posting here, but it is on my Instagram.
and i actually had them posted on my webtoon comic too as a "filler" episode, when a few author responses that i did fanarts on characters i did that fit that theme.

as for the speech bubbles on my comic, most canvas comic have there speech bubbles just barely outside the frame or outside the frame but some do go within them.
I will have a few words placed in the frames themselves later on, I just haven't felt that they were needed yet but they will soon. Still figuring things out as I've never done this sort of work before and i'm always learning something new.
I'm glad however to hear that you're liking the story so far. I'm finishing ep. 6 and from that point out its going to start getting a lot more informative, the pace will pick up and a few things will get explained or at least began that path of knowledge lol
I never knew how much time was spent put into making comics but I'm having fun.

Ah nice. Tried your Insta link now and seems like it doesn't lead anywhere? Old link? Nice, suppose I didn't read that far...

Canvas comic... is that a particular style? Don't know the terminology but pretty much all comics I've read up till this point have had the bubbles within the panels. You'd think it might feel off by habit, but I really think it's because as you scroll and read only the bubbles you do lose the visual connection entirely. Depending on resolution of course, maybe thus style just isn't as ideal on widescreen as say a mobile phone.

Sounds promising... finna read up when there's a bit more time!

Yeah, Canvas comic means that its not a featured comic on webtoons. so Featured comics, are ones the webtoons has picked up and they paid those artists monthly whereas on canvas, you don't get paid except through either ads or pateron but webtoon doesn't paid you, your fans support you on canvas.
I'm trying to become a featured comic but i have a long ways to ago yet and
yes, as i said before, i will put words inside the frames and since its a webcomic, the bubbles are normally 50/50 inside the frame or outside or between too I guess but for webcomics, they preferred it to be semi outside the frame.....
unless your comic get featured then everything gets revamped then the words are in the frame but you sometimes cant tell when a frame moves into a another because its drawn that way.

Definitely not like normal comic books, as i have read many too.

Aha, Webtoons terminology! :) Haven't delved deep into the particular site here but it seems like a world of its own. Interesting...

Yes, that it is, its own world